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33 woodwork turns fresh wood into your dream project. We DON'T need overpriced pieces from middle men like Home Depot.

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Brooklyn custom Kitchen remodeling & cabinet maker

I am Wesley Daniels, the owner of 33 Woodwork and I have a message to my wonderful neighbors in Brooklyn. Most kitchen remodeling contractors and cabinet makers in the Brooklyn area are simply kitchen brokers. They guide you through the process of buying overpriced materials from catalogs and send you to kitchen and cabinet material stores like Home Depot. 33 Woodwork is "where quality work begins". Quality work is about building your kitchen remodeling materials from scratch in the exact fashion that you desire. The goal is to have the most exquisite kitchen cabinets at the lowest price possible. Only custom work from scratch can achieve such a goal. The only other way to save money is to buy poor quality finished pieces and then turn them into your kitchen. At the end of the day, if your kitchen is being manufactured in my lumber yard you will get a superior product with superior beauty and of course superior pricing.

The Expert Carpenter & Woodwork Guy

I 33 Woodwork has a mission. That mission is to convince everyone in Brooklyn that custom carpentry and custom woodwork is the way to attain the home of your dreams at the lowest costs and highest quality. The reason for this is simple. I Wesley Daniels go down to the Lumber yards and material manufacturers and build your dreams from scratch. My cost of manufacturing this type of work involves very little cost compared to finished pieces you can find at stores like Home Depot. In Fact I challenge you visit the Home Depot Website and do a price, beauty, and quality comparison with my work. To learn more about this whole process and discover why it the solution of choice Brooklyn & NYC residents please call us at (917) 609-5683 now.

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